Amazing autumn in Paris

Paris autumn

The fall is one of my favourite times to visit Paris. The city gets a new lease on life and it is a great time to visit. Hotel prices drop, art galleries open late, and the streets are quieter and less crowded. The annual Nuit Blanche takes place during the end of October, and there are many other activities that take place during this period. If you enjoy wine, the area of Montmartre is well worth a visit.
The Jardin du Palais-Royal is a wonderful place to stroll in the sunshine. Its sweeping lawns, flirty fountains, and boxed hedges are an excellent way to unwind and spend some time in a beautiful garden. Café Kitsune is located in the Galerie Montpensier. For a romantic date with a Frenchman, head to a quaint café for a cup of hot chocolate.
If you're a wine connoisseur, you should definitely go to the Opera en Plein Air. The performances are held in the courtyard of the famous Les Invalides. They're also accompanied by champagne and a dramatic backdrop. Although you can catch the opera in June, you'll be better off in September. If you're going to a show in the Opera en Plein Air, go during September.
Getting up early is a good idea. If you're a morning person, waking up early will mean you'll probably beat the crowds. Plus, you'll be able to see the sun rise over the city's picturesque parks. And if you're into museums, you can get skip-the-line tickets to minimise your waiting time. In autumn, the Louvre remains open until 9.45pm every day, which is a great time to take pictures of sunrise over the Seine.
The light is a major highlight of the season. The autumn brings an almost magical atmosphere to the city and the parks become more vibrant. As the days grow shorter, the light turns blue and the streets start to look orange. During this time of year, you can also visit the Musée d'Orsay for a unique view of the city. Its foliage will make you feel enchanted and inspired, and you can't help but snap a few photos.
The autumn adds another dimension to the city of Paris. In autumn, the most spectacular hues can be found in the city parks. If you want to get away from the city, you can also go for a long walk along the Seine. If you like walking, the river banks of the Seine are lined with street stalls selling chestnuts and bouquiniste books. While strolling down the Seine river bank in the autumn is a good time to visit the museum, because it is usually very quiet.
The autumn is a great time to visit the Louvre Museum and other attractions in the city. Visitors can avoid long queues for popular sites and monuments. The best time to visit these attractions is during the fall when you will not find many tourists. Aside from visiting the museums, the Louvre Museum is another popular destination. A stroll along the Seine River will help you explore the streets of the city in a relaxed manner.
While the weather in Paris can be great during the fall, it can also be cold during the winter. This is when the temperatures are around 13 degrees Celsius in the city. The fall is also a good time to take a long walk along the river. During the autumn, you can also enjoy concerts and plays at various places around the city. This is a great time to explore the vibrant art scene of Paris.
If you're a wine lover, the autumn months are also a great time to celebrate the wine festival. The region of France is famous for its wines and a wine festival in October marks the end of the harvest season. The Beaujolais Nouveau is the grapes used to make the famous wine, which is a must-drink during the autumn. The mellow atmosphere of the autumn in Paris is one of the best times to visit the city.

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