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You are a business, confident, held in every sense, perhaps a married man. And you have absolutely no time and chance to get to know each other. Then we will be happy to help you. Escorts VIP Paris is at your service with great pleasure. Here you will find the current top models flaunting on the covers of glossy magazines; winners of global beauty contests; famous television presenters; actresses and just other media personalities. All our girls are gifted with a dazzling appearance and are pretty smart, which is so rare these days.
What to do in this paradise? The choice is great. We can only guide you in the right direction.
First of all, see the sights. From unique in its kind architectural structures, my head is spinning literally. You obviously could not see such grace anywhere. We would like to advise the following: the Louvre, the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, the snow-white Church of the Sacred Heart - Sacré Coeur, the Conciergerie, Montparnasse (one of the old high-rise buildings of the city), the Place de la Concor (huge square), Opera Garnier and other things. It will win your imagination. We are one hundred percent sure of this.
If you suddenly find yourself a little fun, go to the square in front of the center of Pompidou. This square is also busy at any time of the day. Here you will definitely see artists, musicians and singers. In summer, you can meet Mongolian specialists in throat singing, and in winter, Canadian clowns. In general, you obviously will not have to miss.
Visit the restaurants with a big name and try different goodies. Be sure to drink a glass of sparkling wine to amuse the atmosphere. In addition to it, a cheese plate is well suited. In general, French cuisine is something "out of the ordinary." Any foodie will confirm this. No slowdown. Everything is always fresh and natural. Here is the key to delicious dishes.
Or arrange a picnic in the park, picking up sunny and clear weather. They usually lie on lawns with books, catch the rays of the sun and have a tasty meal. Aromatic coffee and croissants are ideal for this.
In general, you are provided with a cultural part. Think about the rest yourself. Your companion will unconditionally tell you how to pass the time with the benefit of the soul and body.
High end escorts Paris will take you to the world of pleasure and most likely, you will want to repeat this suddenly ended novel.

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