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On the first day of exploring the area, it is much more pleasant just to wander the streets, imbued with its atmosphere. Or visit a park and walk through the green surroundings. Agree, a touch of romance is still present here.
This city beckons with its majesty and splendor. Once here, plunge into it from head to toe. See the sights that have left a mark on history. If you are interested, then you can visit the popular world museum for free, namely every Sunday. If you suddenly do not understand what this is about, then this is about the Louvre. The Pompidou Center works in much the same way.
In addition, you can look at a lot of other things. For example, the Versailles Palace and Park Ensemble; Triumphal Arch; Disneyland (the largest amusement park in Europe); Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Ile de la Cité; Opera Garnier; Moulin Rouge (cabaret known all over the world and won the hearts of many), the incomparable Eiffel Tower known to everyone, and so on.
Provence lavender fields are considered one of the main locations. We can even say with confidence that they have rightfully become literally his calling card. Unfortunately, you can only look at them in the middle of summer. Take a walk, bike or drive along one of the adjacent trails. There are quite a lot of fields, but the probability of running into huge crowds of tourists has a place to be.
In addition to all of the above, we advise you to thoroughly get acquainted with the national cuisine by visiting one of the famous restaurants. France is famous for its exquisite delicacies, so it's a sin not to try something unusual. As a rule, frog legs and onion soup, prepared in the best traditions, enjoy unprecedented popularity.
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