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Of all the luxury restaurants in Paris, perhaps the most famous is Maxim's. And the point here is not even that this restaurant opened already in 1893 - in Paris there are also much older catering establishments. The world-wide fame for Maxim's was brought by a unique audience that traditionally gathers here:
• the elite of the aristocracy and even members of the royal families;
• representatives of the Parisian and world bohemia;
• famous politicians, athletes, actors;
• bankers, successful businessmen in expensive suits, who are accompanied by dazzling beauties of the elite Paris escorts category in luxurious evening dresses;
• just very wealthy tourists from all over the world.
This is all the more surprising that the founder of the establishment - the former waiter Maxim Gaidar - conceived it as an inexpensive bistro. But almost immediately after its opening, the restaurant acquired a reputation as one of the most fashionable, respectable and prestigious establishments in the French capital. It is not for nothing that among its visitors at different times there are such celebrities as Edith Piaf,
The interior design and interior decoration have played a significant role in the impeccable reputation, incredible popularity and worldwide fame of Maxim's restaurant. Over time, the owners of the establishment changed, but the design became more and more chic, sophisticated and aristocratic. The abundance of bronze, expensive fabrics, crystal, mahogany and other noble materials emphasize the elitism of this place.
The cuisine of the restaurant fully corresponds to all this luxury. The most exquisite dishes of traditional French and masterpieces of the author's cuisine can satisfy the taste of the most fastidious Gourmet!
Well, all this splendor is complemented by the shine of gold watches and cufflinks, the shine of diamonds and precious stones. It is not customary to come here in casual clothes or sportswear. As well as visiting Maxim's restaurant alone. Wealthy gentlemen prefer to use the services of dazzling beauties of the high end escorts Paris class, striking on the spot with their irresistible smile!
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