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Sometimes every man wants to spend time with a pleasant and educated woman. Girls for money, providing escort and escort, are not something new in our modern world. They can easily not only accompany you to an important event, but also become an interesting companion.
For example, you can have a delicious dinner together in a restaurant, go to a movie or an exhibition, just chat in a cafe or dance in a club. That's what luxury escort Paris is for.
France is not only attractions with a rich history, it is also a huge number of other entertainments. For example, amazingly beautiful landscapes, majestic and unique Alps and numerous beach resorts. All this attracts travelers no less. There are many trekking routes and cycling trails in the country. This will add a touch of excitement to the trip and bring its own variety.
For those who like not to sit still, we suggest diving in the vastness of the Cote d'Azur.
You will also like the Loire Valley. There, on the banks of the picturesque river, are scattered about sixty castles. They were built during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The architectural splendor is perfectly combined with their natural charm. It's really worth taking a look at.
Paris is rightfully considered the main tourist city not only of France itself, but of the world as a whole. It is rather small in area. So you can walk on it. Even if you are located in one of the remote quarters. This walk will be an exciting excursion. Keep in mind that many museums are free on weekends.
We also recommend visiting another city of hers - Bordeaux. It is considered a place where you can easily find quality wine. There are many cellars, shops and stalls selling this drink.
We also recommend looking in the "water mirror" at the reflection of Bordeaux. It was created by artist Jean Max Yorke. This unusual fountain reflects the Stock Exchange Square and the embankment.
Here you will feel a special atmosphere. Street musicians will captivate everyone passing by with their singing. Also do not forget to take a picture here, because the photographs will turn out to be unimaginable.
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