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Contrary to popular belief that Sotheby's and Christie's are the world leaders in the auction trade, in fact, the Parisian auction house Drouot confidently holds the palm in this industry. Suffice it to say that its annual turnover is about 400 million euros, while the companies mentioned above, as a rule, barely surmount the 50 million mark.
In addition to direct bidding, the Drouot auction house is also a museum, which makes it one of the main attractions of the French capital. Admire the chic Goths of the upcoming auction and the objects of historical and cultural value on display, seeks the most motley audience:
• members of royal families, Arab sheikhs, representatives of governments of various states;
• financial tycoons, big bankers, successful businessmen, accompanied by irresistible beauties of the elite escort Paris agency Cipriani Models, shining with dazzling outfits;
• recognizable faces from the world of cinema, sports, show business.
Not to mention the crowds of tourists from all over the world. And local residents do not bypass this unique structure.
The Drouot auction house dates back to 1832, when it organized the sale of the property of the former French king Louis-Philippe. Since then, this auction site has been considered the most authoritative, prestigious and luxurious.
A huge number of unique things belonging to world celebrities, priceless antique treasures, legendary works of art passed through the auctions conducted by her. Drouot lives a hectic life today. Every year, about 3,000 trading sessions take place in its halls, where over 800,000 ready-made products of various categories, from painting to tableware, are sold.
But the auction house "Drouot" is intended not only for rarity hunters, avid collectors and owners of elite antique stores. A walk through its chic halls turns into a fascinating museum excursion, which does not constitute a single indifferent connoisseur of antiquity, everything beautiful and luxurious. Certain traditions of local etiquette have even developed here.
For example, it is considered very prestigious to visit the auction house Drouot in the company with a charming companion of the high end escorts Paris category, who not only attracts admiring glances to herself (and therefore to her companion), but is also able to act as a kind of guide. In any case, these irresistible charms know a lot about wealth, luxury and beauty!
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