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Among the huge number of restaurants and bistros located in Paris, there is one very remarkable place that stands apart. And although Bistrot La Renaissance is not included in the standard excursion programs for ordinary tourists visiting the French capital, this institution is well known all over the world! The fact is that several cinematic bestsellers were filmed in its interiors.
The last was the film "Inglourious Basterds" by Quentin Tarantino, and half a century ago in the restaurant were filmed shots of the movie "The Beast" with Jean-Paul Belmondo in the title role. Is it any wonder that not only ordinary tourists tend to visit this place, but also a very wealthy and respectable audience:
• representatives of the Parisian elite and world bohemia;
• recognizable faces from the world of politics, sports, show business;
• fine-looking couples and men in expensive suits, accompanied by dazzling beauties of the high class Paris escorts in their attire.
It is they who traditionally make up the contingent of visitors to this luxurious restaurant. Unlike onlookers, photographing the bistro building itself from the side.
However, the high reputation of Bistrot La Renaissance acquired not at all due to the role of cinematic scenery. The establishment, founded as early as 1903, almost immediately became an approximate point on the map of chic establishments in Paris.
The rich luxury of the interiors, in full accordance with the name decorated in the style of the Renaissance, chic, wealth and deliberate aristocracy of the very aura of the restaurant, exquisite traditional French cuisine and a rich list of ranks have long attracted very wealthy visitors here.
Which, by the way, is facilitated by the prices of the establishment. Despite the fact that the restaurant is located in the northern part of Paris, in the not very popular 18th arrondissement, this is one of the advantages of the establishment. And maybe it's even good that Bistrot La Renaissance is not a noteworthy attraction on tourist routes.
A wealthy public in a comfortable aristocratic setting can enjoy the evening in the circle of their own kind, avoiding prying eyes, noisy companies of exalted tourists, heated guests of the City of Love and other "undesirable elements".
This institution has its own rules of etiquette, both official and unspoken. For example, it is not customary to visit this aristocratic bistro alone. But the escort of the beauty of the category Escort model Paris, on the contrary, evokes tacit approval. Of course, there is a dress code here, and mandatory conditions for observing the rules of decency, and impeccable well-trained staff.
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It will be pleasant not only to enjoy dinner at Bistrot La Renaissance, but also just to hold the evening together and get the most vivid impressions of visiting the capital of France! And all this - at a very reasonable cost and with a guarantee of the impeccable quality of the services provided!

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