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It is best to start your acquaintance with the city with the classics. This is the favorite route of the Louvre - Tuileries - Champs Elysees - Arc de Triomphe. The advantage of these places is that along the way you take a bunch of great photos and are guaranteed to enjoy the artistry of numerous street performers. Just please, choose the right time to avoid huge tourist crowds.
If you suddenly find yourself a little fun, go to the square in front of the center of Pompidou. This square is also busy at any time of the day. Here you will definitely see artists, musicians and singers. In summer, you can meet Mongolian throat singing specialists, and in winter, Canadian clowns. In general, you obviously will not have to miss.
For more variety, check out Red Light Street. You will be welcomed by a great many cabarets. The most popular of these is the Moulin Rouge. His big name rattles the whole world and is known to everyone by itself. The original cancan can only be enjoyed here. The dancers' business card is dazzling stage costumes with ostrich feathers. They are attached to a metal frame. And the weight of this outfit is large (eight or even ten kilograms). So girls are not so easy to please you). This show you will remember for a lifetime. And your partner will certainly like it.
Have a meal in some interesting restaurant or cafe with unsurpassed cuisine. No wonder France is famous for its culinary delights. A glass of sparkling wine will only defuse the atmosphere, adding a touch of romance and magnetism. All eyes will be riveted to your charming alliance.
Also, if desired, visit the casino and try your luck, various exhibitions, landscaped parks, theaters. In general, what you wish. And the main thing is not a place, but a company. And she is already guaranteed to you one hundred percent. High end escorts Paris will give you access to enjoyment not only for the soul, but also for the body.

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