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What are business men dreaming of, in the first place, who have business and other work tasks? After all, they already have everything except one important missing detail. This is a stunning, sexy, hot seducer. Luxury escorts Paris wants to give you a unique offer that you will not be able to refuse. If you are looking for a chic lady with a stunning figure to usefully spend time, then models for accompaniment are what you need! For our part, we guarantee complete anonymity and confidentiality, because all the information about our customers is a strict secret.
Of course, all those who come to Paris are eager to see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory. We think that you are no exception. Only here, huge crowds of tourists interrupt this desire. But we have an alternative. Visit the restaurant Les Ombres, located on the roof of the museum on the Branly promenade. The walls and ceiling are glass, so do not doubt that the review will be gorgeous. Admiring the beautiful picture, you can order something delicious. Probably, you know firsthand that they feed excellently in France.
For example, cheese cutting; onion soup (it is made from sweet varieties of white onion, a couple of heads of garlic and lean meat broth); ratatouille (this is a vegetable mix); aromatic coffee; burgundy beef; frog legs (local delicacy and curiosity for others) oysters; a rooster in wine; consomme and stuff. Refined and refined! You will not pick up other words.
Other attractions also do not pass by. How replete in the eyes of the unique architectural structures and simply interesting locations. And we, in turn, want to advise the following: the Louvre; Palace and Park Ensemble Versailles; Triumphal Arch; Disneyland (the largest amusement park in all of Europe); Elysian Fields; Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Isle of Cite, Center Georges Pompidou; Opera Garnier; Moulin Rouge and so on.
For fans of excitement, we recommend visiting a casino. Especially if you are lucky with you. Here you can break a good jackpot and significantly raise your credibility in the eyes of others. The sweetest lady will become a personal talisman and distracting maneuvers. So many men will look at her, distracting from the game. But this, in general, is good for you. This evening, all the stars are at your feet.
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