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It is a must to visit the Saint-Martin Canal. And it’s not so important whether you came here in the warm summer time or winter time. After all, this corner is always charming. Here you will feel true calm and freedom from eternally covering rush.
How nice it is to just sit silently and look around. And in these minutes, the world will seem to float past you, showing its beautiful reflection in the greenish water of the canal. You can constantly admire the patterns of cast-iron lattice of bridges, the paths of the park, which are strewn with foliage and crowds of tourists, also resting here and waiting for some kind of miracle.
Basically, everyone organizes picnics here. Great idea to relax in the fresh air. You are very lucky, because you are not alone, but with a charming companion. So stock up on croissants, coffee and other goodies. By the way, some take wine. In any case, a good mood is guaranteed.
Only the lazy does not know about the Eiffel Tower. Favorite place for many. Climbing it once, I want to repeat more. There you can drop in a restaurant and taste the local cuisine, enjoying the amazing panorama and catching the bright light of millions of lights. An exciting sight, you can not describe in another way!
In order to cover most of the attractions, rent a car. This will save your valuable time and visit as many amazing locations as possible. And your lady will conduct a full-fledged tour, and no worse than any professional guide. Our enchantresses are educated and will always find a way out of any position, having interested their interlocutor.
For outdoor enthusiasts, we recommend joining a group of skaters. This is a great way to explore the surroundings. And your group will be led by experienced locals and rush you through a busy center to more unexplored parts of the town.
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